Mdn Architects, Inc. was founded in 1973 by Barry P. Middleman, Chairman & CEO. Jorge De La Garza and Xavier Delgado are Senior Vice Presidents.

Mdn is nationally recognized for its expertise in retail-related architectural projects. These projects not only encompass the design and development of individual stores and store concepts but the design and development of entire shopping centers and mall environments. Mdn also has extensive experience in grocery stores, healthcare, restaurants, entertainment venues, fitness centers, and large format home improvement stores, furniture stores, automobile dealerships, warehouses, office and office planning, interior design, municipal facilities, and master planning. Additionally, Mdn specializes in sustainable architecture through its LEED certified professionals.

At Mdn our mission is to provide our Clients with the highest quality architectural design, construction documentation, and administrative services consistent with the economical feasibility of the project while maintaining a protective awareness to the environmental issues associated with the construction of the project.